Bausch Health is committed to improving the quality of life for patients by supporting the ongoing medical education of health care professionals, as well as through Investigator-Initiated Studies (IISs), which potentially could lead to improvements in treatment, patient outcomes, and the quality of health care. Areas of professional medical educational and research support interest include Aesthetics, Dentistry, Dermatology, Gastroenterology, and Neurology. Further, Bausch Health may consider funding retrospective chart/data base analyses, real-world evaluations, and pharmacoeconomic IISs.

Professional Medical Education

Bausch Health recognizes that professional schools and residency programs are the beginning of a health care professional’s training. For the rest of their careers, health care professionals rely on continuing medical education to help them improve their practice and deliver high-quality, safe, and effective patient care. Bausch Health provides grants to US organizations that provide independent, professional education initiatives for physicians—with topics ranging from the latest breakthroughs in research to how to communicate with families.

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Investigator-Initiated Studies

Bausch Health recognizes that IISs enable research that has the potential to improve the treatment of disease, patient outcomes and the quality of health care. In general, IISs are smaller in scale than Phase IV trials, and are “proof of concept” or “exploratory” in nature. Bausch Health is not the sponsor of these studies and they are not affiliated with our own clinical development programs. However, we believe that IISs can produce important contributions regarding Bausch Health's products or the therapeutic areas of interest to the company.

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For any questions related to the application process please email Bausch Health’s
Medical Affairs Operations Team at medicalaffairsus@bauschhealth.com.
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